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You want your company to grow, and search engine optimization can make that dream a reality. Every day, millions of searches are done and there are a ton of searches being done for your product or service.

I often get asked “What is SEO?” and “Does SEO really work?”

The answer is pretty simple. Search engine optimization is the repetitive process of creating high quality content and getting other websites to link to that content… and yes it really works. Now I said it was simple, but that doesn’t mean it is easy.

That’s where I can help. Let me introduce myself.

Jack Parcell – CEO of Clovr Creative | SEO Phoenix

My name is Jack Parcell, your SEO and web design expert. I have over 9 certifications involving digital marketing – especially Search Engine Optimization – and I am not stopping there. I believe you never stop getting better at what you do or improving your craft. That is why I spend time each day learning something new or polishing my existing skills.

I offer an honest and transparent approach to SEO. No bullshit. I will be dedicated to your success. I will be available to you whenever you need help. Whether you have a question about your website or just want to chat at 3 am because you’re lonely, I am here for you. This is why my clients love working with me. In fact, I am still working with every client that I have ever built a website for.


Don’t believe me? Here is what they had to say:

“Here at Sav-on Plating we are so grateful to have found Jack and his company Clovr, to design our website! We have seen a dramatic increase in business since the website was finished. Clovr has been keeping us up-to-date on the amount of traffic our website is receiving per month and we are seeing a dramatic increase monthly.”
Jeffrey Trimino
Sav-On Plating | Phoenix, Arizona

“There was always someone to take our call, and all services were provided in a timely manner, with all of the tiniest details accounted for. We will be using clovr for all of our future projects.”
Cody Nickerson
Greengo Seed | Yuma, Arizona

WHat's your seo score?

The Power of SEO Phoenix

Without my help, your business will continue to go unnoticed online causing you to miss out on tons of potential leads resulting in less revenue. Because of this, you will spend your spare time working your ass off while your competitors spend their time with their families and get a good night’s sleep.

With my help, you can expect new potential leads to flow in without you having to do any extra work. With me, you will spend your spare time with your family and getting a good night’s sleep while your competitors stay up late trying to figure out how you are doing so well.

Can You Handle Your Own Phoenix SEO?

Like I said before, SEO is simple but it is not easy. A lot of time has to be invested each month in order to get real result. Now, if you think that you have the time and capability to do this on your own, then awesome! Go for it! But before you do, I want you to ask yourself:

  • Will you be able to commit to writing multiple 500+ word articles every month?
  • Do you have time to contact ten or more bloggers, websites and news outlets asking to feature your article or even to write an article for them to post on their website?
  • If you do find a website that accepts a guest post for you, do you have time to write an extra article in addition to the ones that you already have to write?
  • Do you have time to optimize your website, manage your online reputation and post on social media about your newest content?

I will say it again. If you think that you can handle all of this on top of running your business, then you are probably superhuman and I applaud you. Even if you decide to handle SEO on your own, I am always happy to help anyone looking for advice or who has questions. So if you ever have any questions, just reach out to me. Just don’t try to contact me at 3 am. That privilege is for clients only.

BUT if the above all seems overwhelming or you aren’t even completely sure what some of it means, then let me and my team of professional copywriters help your business grow.

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What Makes SEO Important?

Your website is essentially the online equivalent of a billboard, and ranking well with search engines ensures that your billboard is visible to as many people as possible. Here are some of the most important SEO stats that you need to know:

  • Google is the most important search engine that you need to consider, and it is responsible for 79% of search traffic on desktop devices.
  • It’s important to pay attention to long tail keywords (keywords that are four or more words long). In fact, 50% of internet searches are for long tail keywords.
  • Bing, Baidu, and Yahoo all get less than ten percent of desktop searches, but it’s still important to pay attention to these search engines if you want to have a successful website.

High Search Rankings Make Your Site Visible To Your Phoenix Audience

Your website will be visible to a large number of your target audience if it ranks well with search engines, but you’ll miss out on this traffic if it doesn’t. You need to know about using the web to reach your customers.

Your SEO Strategy Can Determine If Your Business Thrives Or Fails

While there are many factors that will determine if your business does well, your search engine optimization strategy is one of the more important ones. In fact, most people will not strongly consider a company if its website is not on the first page of the search results, and the top three search results tend to get the most traffic.

Why SEO Is Especially Important For Phoenix Business Owners

The Phoenix area is large, and many people use the internet to find local businesses.
Here’s what you need to know about search engine optimization in the Phoenix area:

  • Due to the fact that Phoenix is fairly spread out, there is an increased need for reading about businesses online prior to traveling to them.
  • The Phoenix area has a strong tech sector, and people who live in the area tend to be quite tech savvy.

How Does SEO Work?

There are numerous factors that determine how your website ranks with search engines. Here’s what you need to know about SEO and how search rankings work:

Search Engine Crawlers Scan Your Website

Search engine crawlers will scan your website and are largely responsible for determining where your site ranks, and this means that it’s important to ensure that your site can be easily scanned by bots. Here are some of the most important things that you need to include on your website in order for these bots to rank your website well:

  • Include keywords in the headers on the page.
  • Make sure that the keywords for your website are popular and will effectively increase the visibility of your website.

If Your Website Is Seen As Credible, It's Likely To Be Ranked Higher

Ensuring that your company’s website is seen as credible to the public is perhaps the most important thing to consider in order to make your domain succeed. These are some things to keep in mind to ensure that your site is seen as credible:

  • Make sure that your website uses good grammar and punctuation, and ensure that the content on your site is well organized.
  • Always ensure that your site includes descriptive language and is engaging to the reader.
  • Avoid making claims that are unproven.
  • Ensure that backlinks to your website come from credible sources, and it’s best to quickly disavow backlinks that don’t come from credible websites using Google’s disavow link feature.

Search Engine Optimization Tips

It’s important to make sure that your website incorporates the right SEO strategies to reach a broad audience. Here are some SEO tips that will make sure that your website is properly optimized:

  • One to three percent of your website should consist of keywords. These keywords are what people will type in to reach your website.
  • Copy image attributes to ensure that your site ranks well with search engines.
  • Make sure that there are plenty of anchored text links within the content.
  • Always make sure that there is more than 500 words on each page that you want to rank. Pages that have less than this often rank quite poorly with Google and other search engines.

SEO Phoenix Can Help Your Business Thrive

Customers from Phoenix are likely to be drawn to a website that ranks highly with search engines and uses effective local SEO Phoenix strategies, and these are some highly effective SEO marketing Phoenix strategies that you can implement on your website:

  • Include the city’s name in some of the keywords as an effective local SEO strategy.
  • Including Maricopa County in some of the keywords can be a highly effective local SEO strategy.
  • Including the word Arizona in some keywords can be a highly effective local SEO Phoenix strategy.
  • Ensure that you include the address of your business on your page.
  • Pay close attention to your Google My Business listing.

What Types Of Strategies Do I Use?

I am highly experienced with search engine optimization and web design. These are some of the most important strategies that I will use:

Keyword Strategies That Work

There are a variety of keywords strategies that I use, and these are a few of the most important attributes of my keyword strategies:

  • I will ensure that your keywords are directly related to the content on your website, and this will help to ensure that the people who reach your page are interested in the content that you have on your site.
  • There are a variety of ways that keyword research can be done, and I use high quality keyword research tools to optimize your Phoenix SEO strategy.
  • I’ll ensure that your keyword strategy effectively changes with the times, and this will substantially boost your Phoenix SEO strategy.

Improve Your Content

Content is king, and this is true in any business. If an employee from a search engine reads your website, they will be looking to make sure that it is well-written and easy to understand. These are some ways that I can improve the quality of your website’s content:

  • Use language that’s engaging. The most important way to do this is to pay attention to the reader’s emotions.
  • Make sure that your content is well organized, and ensure that you always use proper grammar to have an effective Phoenix SEO strategy.
  • Ensure that there is no thin content on your site. Thin content is any form of content that does not include any valuable information, and it can severely harm any Phoenix SEO strategy.

You'll Have Plenty Of Quality Backlinks

Clovr Creative will ensure that your backlinks are of high quality, and this will help to ensure that the reputation of your site is maintained. Here’s how I will gather quality backlinks for your website:

  • Blog posts can be a great way to gather backlinks, and posts that are written by an expert team of copywriters will be especially likely to encourage people to click on the backlinks.
  • I will be able to effectively implement automation in the creation of your blog posts.

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What's Your SEO Score?

Generate 3.5x more leads when your website ranks on the first page of Google.


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