Hosting + Maintenance

Build your own website care plan

Build your own website care plan that perfectly fits your needs and budget. Know exactly what you are getting and what you are paying.


Starting at $50 per month.

All care plans come with:

[10 GB of web space]

This is suitable for ~10,000 visits monthly

[Basic DV SSL certificate]

A must for websites of all sizes

[Free email accounts​]

Give your email the professionalism it deserves

[Monthly Website Backups]

A full website and server backup is done monthly

[Monthly Website Updates]

Keeps your website running smoothly

[Upgrades Available]

Check out all of the upgrades that you can add to your care plan below.



  • Essential SSL + $5/month

    Perfect for accepting secure payments directly through your website, an essential SSL offers your customers medium assurance and is backed by a $10,000 warranty.

  • EV SSL + $20/month

    An Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate offers your customers very high assurance and is backed by a $1.75 million warranty.


  • 20GB Web Space + $20/month

    Suitable for ~ 25,000 Visits Monthly.

  • 30GB Web Space + $30/month

    Suitable for ~ 100,000 Visits Monthly


  • 1/2 hour monthly + $10/month

    Get a half hour of edits per month with overage billed at normal rate of $50/hour.

  • 1 hour monthly + $30/month

    Get 1 hour of edits per month with overage billed at discounted rate of $30/hr for the first 5 hours. After 5 hours, additional hours are billed at normal rate of $50/hour.


  • Weekly Updates + $5/month

    Back up your website weekly instead of monthly – giving you more peace of mind.

  • Daily Updates + $10/month

    Back up your website daily instead of montly. This option is perfect for website that get regular content updates or a steady stream of comments.

  • Real Time Updates + $15/month

    Back up your website in real time instead of monthly. Every time that even the smallest element is changed, a backup of the these changes will be saved. This feature is highly recommended if your website gets constant content updates.


  • Monthly Reports + $15/month

    Stay up-to-date with how well your website is performing. The comprehensive monthly reports cover everything about the website from the previous month. This includes website updates and backups, performance checks, security checks, uptime monitoring, and SEO rank information.


  • Insurance + $15/month

    Enjoy peace of mind should your website ever get compromised. With Website Recovery Insurance, your website will be recovered for free no matter how long it takes. Website recovery typically gets billed at $50 per hour.


Get in contact to schedule a free consultation. Together we will create a custom Care Plan that fits your needs and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Payments are made through an online invoice that can be set up to charge your account automatically if desired. If you need a different payment solution, let me know.

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